Civilian Rifle Training Course (CRTC)

Karnataka State Rifle Association (KSRA)  conduct Civilian Rifle Training course for the people interested in learning about shooting. The course consist of 6 Session on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. The objective of the course is to provide awareness and knowledge about the sport shooting to civilians. The course consist of 6 classes each session for 2 hrs duration. The course teach about the safe handling of shooting equipment and taking care of the sports equipment. It is also an introductory step to learn about various techniques of shooting, rules to be obeyed for safe gun handling, etc. This course has been made mandatory by the Commissioner of Police, Bangalore, for procurement of Arms License. On the completion of the course a certificate is given to students.

The total cost for the Civilian Rifle Training Course (CRTC) is Rs. 11800/- inclusive of everything. The payment is only accepted by online/upi.

The Documents Required for the CRTC:

Karnataka State Rifle Association also have a training program for CHILDREN  between the age 10 TO 12 years in Air Weapons only. The course is called Basic Foundation Course. The course consists of 8 Classes in Air Rifle & Air Pistol on the weekends (Saturday & Sunday). The All-inclusive cost for the course is Rs. 5000.


KARNATAKA STATE RIFLE ASSOCIATION offers different types of Membership to the interested party who wants to pursue sports shooting. The class of Membership is

  1. Donor Membership
  2. Junior Membership
  3. Temporary Membership
  4. Life Membership

Important Information

  • The aim and objective of this Association is to encourage the art and science of marksmanship throughout the State, particularly among the civilian population as a healthy sport, which will also serve the purpose of self-defense.
  • It is mandatory to complete Civilian Rifle Training Course with Karnataka State Rifle Association before applying for membership
  • The Range is open for practice from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. The changes in timings will be informed if any from time to time.

Target shooting is one of the major sporting events, which is gaining importance and limelight at a rapid pace. Certain rules and regulations have to be adhered to strictly, during practice, transit, and weapon cleaning. Given below is a brief of the Range Discipline, and some do’s and don’ts. Please bear in mind that, given the possibility of harm being caused by carelessness when handling weapons, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

1. Weapons have to be handled and used with utmost care, both on and off the shooting range.
2. Always carry the weapon in its carrying case only.
3. Always ensure that the weapon is in a safe stage, and the action bolt is in ‘OPEN’ state.
4. The weapon should be loaded ONLY when the shooter is ready for target practice and when the Range Offices issues a ‘Load & Fire’ command.
5. Always and immediately abide by the Range Officer’s command.
6. Stop firing immediately on observation of any activity in front of you (the shooter).
7. Strictly adhere to the Rules of the Range, Association and Armoury.
8. Ensure your mobile phones are SWITCHED OFF within the Range premises.
9. Ensure children are kept away at a safe distance in the shooting range.
10. Don’t shoot in an intoxicated or drugged state.

1. Always switch off your Mobile phones and any disturbing gadgets in the Range.
2. Every time, try and beat your own performance. Motivate yourself to improve.
3. Always return back all fired cases and unfired rounds, back to the Armoury.
4. Always announce and discuss your shooting plans with the Range Officer.
5. Encourage your fellow shooters and exchange information on shooting, which is mutually beneficial.
6. Maintain Silence as much as possible.
7. Ensure that equipment belonging to the Association is safely deposited back. Any loss of these equipment is a loss to all of us.
8. Create and contribute towards a positive and competitive atmosphere for everyone’s benefit.
9. Always use others’ property with utmost care.
10. Help in maintaining a clean surrounding and use the waste paper bins, whenever you have to.

1. Don’t break rules. Rules are meant for the common benefit of everyone.
2. Don’t handle the weapon in any other manner than that specified. Dont meddle with weapons and equipment of other shooters.
3. Don’t consume Alcohol while shooting
4. Don’t consume Drugs while shooting.
4. Don’t smoke in the shooting range.
5. Don’t use abusive and foul language while at the shooting range.
6. Don’t blame others for your mistakes. Always remember that you are your best hope.
7. Don’t mix your Personal Grievances or Enmity while shooting.
8. Don’t bring contraband items to the shooting range.
9. Don’t bypass any channels of the Association/Club.
10. Don’t argue/discuss/debate on any topic, while at the range.