Anyone above the age of 10 years and resident of Karnataka for more than 2 years can join KSRA.

No KSRA does deal with license process. We only provide training in Shooting for which a certificate is issued.

KSRA is affiliated with Karnataka Olympic Association & National Rifle Association of India other than that we are not affiliated with any other sports Associations.

KSRA is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 0930 AM to 430 PM, Monday is weekly off other than that National holiday we are closed. The list of yearly holidays is published at the starting of year.

To become KSRA member a person should do Civilian Rifle Training course (6 Classes) After which they can apply for the Membership.

Approximate cost for Civilian Rifle training Course will be Rs. 11,800/-. Inclusive of GST

No, there is no upper limit to join sports shooting if you are physically & mentally Fit.

Yes, coaching is available to members after completing CRTC on weekends on payment.

No, it is not mandatory for a person to own a weapon to pursue sports shooting.