10 mm Air Rifle/Pistol Range

The 10 mtr Indoor Air Pistol and Air Rifle range was located at a separate wing of the complex. The new facility has the 10 meter ranges shifted adjoining the 50 meter range, with an air cooled target shooting area, ..

25/50 mm 0.22 Rifle Range

The 50 and 25 mtr range is located in one wing of the shooting complex, along with the Armoury and the Range manager`s office. New facilities also have an enhanced spectator area, changing room and other facilities..

Trap & Skeet Range

We presently have a set of weapons which we allot to shooters who are members. On practice day, shooters can notify the Range Officer and the Armourer, and use these weapons for practice. We also have a ration of ammunition..

Competition Training

Members training at the K.S.R.A. Shooting Range, have been benefitted with one of India`s best ranges. Practice sessions held every weekend, from 0900 to 1300 hrs, have helped many shooters over the past decade..

Weapon Training Center

We have a scheme for training of Security Personnel, specially designed to train them in proper usage of weapons. Experienced and trained personnel oversee every individual aspect in ensuring that the best of Weapon..

Practice for Perfection’ Scheme

In order to impart proper usage of weapons for Arm Licence holders, we have introduced a scheme in which we train these persons in Marksmanship, handling of weapons, cleaning and maintenance. his training is very ..

National Coaching Camps

Our association is actively assisting the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) and the Sports Authority of India in conducting National coaching camps at the Karnataka State Rifle Association.

Weapons and Ammunition

Ever since its inception, the Sports Authority of India has supported the association with lending of Arms and supply of Ammunition for our shooters` practice and competition. We are also procuring high quality ..

Additional Facilities

The Association has appraised the Hon`ble Minister of Sports and Youth Services, Govt. of Karnataka, with regard to the activities of K.S.R.A. and we are doing our best to attain International standards for our ranges..