Karnataka State Rifle Association

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Committee Members

  1. G. Susheel
  2. Muthuraya Reddy
  3. Purushottam K
  4. Prakash P N
  5. Purushottam C
  6. Praveen S Reddy
  7. Sharan S G
  8. Manjunath Patagar
  9. Harshitha N
  10. Murali V

Administration Office

 Karnataka State Rifle Association
Sports Authorities of India Complex,
Bangalore University Campus,
Mysore Road, Bangalore – 560 056
 Phone: 9148519777
 Timings: Daily 9:30am – 5:00pm (Monday Holiday)

Contact Numbers

For new admission and completing admission formalities, please contact

Mr. Bhaskar V, Coordinating Officer,
At Administration Office
Ph: 9148519777
 Hon. Secretary Shri. Susheel Gyanchand 9148519777
 Enquiries – helpdesk@ksra.in