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Join Us: Process to join the K.S.R.A.
Initial requirements to join the K.S.R.A.
K.S.R.A. welcomes all sports enthusiasts, sport supporters and keen shooters to join our growing family, and help us encourage and develop Shooting Sports in Karnataka. We appreciate support and interest from:
All residents of Karnataka who are keen in developing their shooting capacity,
Corporates who support Sport activities in Karnataka,
Civilians who are in need of training to handle guns,
Civilians who have applied for an Arms License, and require a CRT (Civilian Rifle Training) certification,
Other associations who wish to be affiliated to the K.S.R.A, and
Donors who appreciate the value of contributing for development of Sport activities.

The Karnataka State Rifle Association is a Sports body and strictly follows certain rules and regulations in taking in members, promoting shooting activities, as well as in practice. As part of the norms, those who are interested in joining the association as a member, will have to provide certain verification documentation, and follow the process as mentioned below. After successfully joining as a member, K.S.R.A. will offer the best available facilities in promoting shooting sports.
The proceedure to join the K.S.R.A. is as follows:
1. The applicant to give copies of the following: (1) Residential address proof, (2) Identification proof, (3) Employment proof or Student ID, and (4) One passport photograph. Please also carry along with the originals of copies to verify. The applicant will be given a 'Recommendation letter', addresed to the Commissioner of Police, for Police Verification, from Hon. Admn. Officer. Further follow-up on the enrolment details will be communicated by the Executive Officer.
Click here for contact details of the Executive Officer.

For new admission and completing admission formalities, please contact Mr. Suresh Kumar, Executive Officer, at JNR Shooting Ranges, Sports Authority of India Complex, Bangalore University Campus, Mysore Road, Bangalore – 560 056.
Ph: (080)32994656 / 9880114256

2. Submission of recommendation letter to the Commissioner of Police, Bangalore.
a. The recommendation letter obtained from KSRA will have to be submitted at the office of the Commissioner of Police, for verification purpose.
b. With this, applicant need not pay Rs. 3000/- for verification charges at Commissioner`s Office.
c. After getting verification certificate, the applicant will have to fill the application and submit them, along with necessary fees and relevant enclosures.
Click here to view the process of getting Police Verification in Bangalore.

3. After processing of the appplication, the person will be offered to join the CRT (Civilian Training Course), which is conducted at the K.S.R.A. Shooting Ranges.

4. On successful completion of the CRT, a certificate will be awarded, which is a mandatory requirement for those applying for an Arms License. You will also be offered six months complimentary membership to the K.S.R.A.

5. Based on performance, at the end of the complimentary six month membership, the person will be considered for further membership, into the K.S.R.A., based on interest, dicipline, regularity, performance, etc. Memberships are available as follows:
Life member
Ordinary membership (Annual)
Please see the table below for a complete listing of membership types

Existing category of Members:

Life Member: Any person who pays a lumpsum subscription of Rs. 5000 plus admission fees, and is approved by the Managing Committee. Life Members will have voting capacity in the General Body Meeting/Elections.

Ordinary Member: Any person, who is duly proposed and seconded by an existing member, and approved by the Managing Committee, after paying an annual subscription fees plus the registration amount.

Affiliated Association: Any Shooting Club or Association can be granted Affiliation on approval of the Managing Committee.

Junior Members: Any person below the age of 18 years may be admitted by the Managing Committee as a Junior Member. They will not have voting capacity in the General Body Meeting/Elections.

Honorary Members: The Managing Committee may invite persons of distinction to be Honorary Members. They will not have voting capacity in the General Body Meeting/Elections.

Foreign Nationals: Foreign Nationals of friendly countries, who are residing or visiting India, may be taken as Ordinary Members at the discretion of the Managing Committee.

Corporate Members: Any Institution or Corporate company who contribute a lumpsum amount, as prescribed by the Managin Committee, will be considered. Such companies may depute/nominate two persons, whose nominations have been approved by the Managing Committee.

For all other types of enquiries, please contact the Admn. Officer.

Civilian Rifle Training Course (CRTC)

CRTC: K.S.R.A. organizes a 7-day Civilian Rifle Training Course to introduce safe-handling and use of shooting equipment, invarious disciplines. The course held for 7 days (over weekends) will introduce civilians to various techniques of shooting, rules to be obeyed for safe gun handling, etc. This course has been made mandatory by the Commissioner of Police, Bangalore, for procurement of Arms License. Following completion of the course, a certificate will be handed. This course is also required for obtaining membership into K.S.R.A.

Fees and Training: The course fees is INR 5000, which includes the 7-day training camp, and 6 months of complimentary membership fees for those who successfully complete the course and are selected for joining K.S.R.A. as a member. This membership is at the sole discretion of the K.S.R.A. authority.

CRTC for Arms Lisence: As per the new rule made by the Hon. Commissioner of Police, Bangalore, the CRT (Civilian Rifle Training) has been made mandatory for all those applying for an arms license. To accomodate this, K.S.R.A. offers the CRT program for civilians who have applied for an Arms License. At the end of the course, a certificate acknowledging successful completion of the CRT course is awarded. This certificate can be used to further the Arms License process.

For new admission and completing admission formalities, please contact Mr. Suresh Kumar, Executive Officer, at JNR Shooting Ranges, Sports Authority of India Complex, Bangalore University Campus, Mysore Road, Bangalore – 560 056.
Ph: (080)32994656 / 9880114256
The Shooting Range is open on Saturdays and Sundays only, between 0900 hrs and 1400 hrs.
The Range office is open on all days (except Mondays) between 0930hrs and 1700 hrs.
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